Quality Care

Founders of QCD are world renowned nephrologists and experienced US Renal Professionals who believe in safe, effective and quality care dialysis for patients.

Ethical Practices

Clinically ethical practices that stem from our belief that all patients deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion.

Affordable Prices

Right from its inception QCD is committed to bring world-class renal care to Kenya at competitive prices for non-NHIF patients

Our Vision

We have set out to become the most respected & trusted corporation for bringing improvement in the dialysis ecosystem across Kenya in an ethical manner.

Better Renal Care. One Step at a time.

We realise our goal of improving the overall dialysis standards in Kenya will be no easy task, but we are on our way already making an impact. Our core offerings and services include the following,


New Dialysis Centers

Equiped with state-of-the-art machinery, well-trained staff and international standard practices, our dialysis centers are already serving 100s of treatments in Kenya.


Dialysis Education & Training Programs

Our quest for quality care has driven us to impart training for Dialysis Nurses and Dialysis Technologists, and thereby raise the standards of patient care and satisfaction.


Dialysis Project Consultancy

We also partner with hospitals who share our vision of improving the standard of dialysis treatment in Kenya by offering expertise & managed renal services in project implementation.


Dialysis Technology Solutions

We have Technology Solutions for all aspects of Dialysis Clinic Management and also for creating a Registry of Dialysis Patients.
Dialysis Management Solution


Dialysis Equipment Maintenance

We have a team of engineers who can assist in Preventive Maintenance and ensure optimized savings on machine management.


Vascular Access & Transplant Services

We have access to international Nephrologists who are willing to conduct CME workshops and Knowledge transition in areas of Vascular Access and Kidney Transplants.

Our Centers

Below are the locations of our dialysis clinics in Kenya,

Mlolongo Branch

Nelson Awori, Nairobi

Nanyuki Cottage Hospital, Nanyuki

Trinity Care Centre, Ngong

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